Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is an iOS and Android app availabe?

    We are currently wokring on both!

    But... Mpoom! is fully responsive. You can use it on mobile devices without an app until we release our apps.

  • Will there be a block/report button?

    Yeap we are working on that.

  • How many developers are currently working on Mpoom?

    Just one.

  • Since when is Mpoom! online?

    Since 05/05/2017.

  • Will there be a video upload feature?

    Yes. In the future you will be able to upload your own videos.

  • Why am I seeing posts of people I don't follow?

    Because someone you follow shared it! (Look at the right-top corner of post). Press the "Shared by" button in order to see who shared it. If someone constantly shares something you don't like you can simply unfollow that user.

  • Where is this hosted?

    By, the biggest hosting provider in Germany and one of the largest in Europe.

    Mpoom! is hosted on a shared package. As soon as Mpoom! generates income we will move to dedicated servers on

  • How many users do you believe will join next month?

    Our statistics show us that we will reach (with your help) 1.000 users.

  • Will image uploading improve?

    Yes, we are currently working on a much more compatible release. Most problems occur due to being on a shared hosting package. Dedicated servers give much more flexibility.

  • How will I get paid?

    In user settings you will be able to choose payment methods. Each end of month our system calculates ad profit and splits it with it's users based on Mpoins earned.

    Nobody advertises on Mpoom! right now.

  • Will E-learning come to Mpoom?

    Yes, it will. We are currently adjusting our state of the art E-learning platform to the cloud.

    You will be able to learn (languages, technical skills etc) here by using Mpoins.

  • Will functionality come to Mpoom?

    Yes, it will. Metasilver is a real-world community builder platform. It is in final stage and will be soon added to Mpoom. You will be able by using our Map integration to create communities in the real world. Stay tuned for that.

  • Who is Denfinox GmbH?

    This is our company located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Shareholders are: Tom Papatolis, Vicky Panagou, Michael Zollo.

  • Is this the final release?

    No, of course not. Mpoom! is on beta now (testing version). After that many RC (release candidate) editions will follow. After that version 1.5 final will be released.

  • Will you add all features of other popular social media networks?

    No, we will certainly not. Mpoom! is different. Our slogan is "Keep it simple" and we will fight for that. Most wonderful things in life (and long lasting) are genius and just simple. We are not willing to create a second facebook, twitter or whatsoever.

  • How Shares-Grouping actually works?

    As said Mpoom! is a new social media network with it's own philosophy. Social media should be fun, safe and you should be able to learn something.

    Your Post and (other user's) Shares are grouped into ONE and only window. If shared, there is a drop-down window listing the first 100 users that have shared that article. A share counter is available on the share button.

    For post-timing the post-date is key. Sharing does not mean new posting. Sharing means that people not following you will be able to see your post.

    A real timeline is essential to us (based on people you follow). Grouped shares keep your timeline in an hierarchical order, and generate a clean and simple way to enjoy your timeline.

    Your own shared articles are also grouped and presented in order for you to be able to verify your activity.

  • Why can't I see who liked/disliked a particular post?

    PRIVACY. Nobody can see what you like/dislike. 40% of divorses in the US include the term FB in the documents. A man liked a girl's photo/post and vice versa. You can see in the Notifications section who liked/disliked your posts. Only you and only your posts. Mpoom was created to improve your personal life and not destroy it.

  • When do you think user count will explode?

    There is a strange rule on the Internet. You need at least 1.000 users in order to gain popularity. Of course you also need a good product.

  • Where can i find/contact you?

    In our office or just call.

  • Will there be an EDIT post?

    No, there will be no edit at least on version 1.5. Use delete instead. Why?

    Imagine you write a post titled "I love mother nature and flowers".

    Your post gets many likes and appears on Trending List.

    Then you edit your post to: "I love fascism"!

    People interact with content you posted. We think edit would be wrong. In case you think your post is not perfect just delete it. It is fast and not affecting anything at all. It is beeing permantly deleted on our database.

  • How can I help you?

    Ways to get involved are presented here..

  • Why is everything in English here?

    Mpoom! is targeting the World. English is an international language. Yes, Mpoom's interface will be translated into many languages.

How can I get involved?

We need your help in order to keep this social network up and running. We need your help to spread the world. You can do many things. Any kind of help will be appreciated!

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7 Reasons why Mpoom! is better
  • The first mass social media that actually pays you
    Splitting ad revenue with users. Mpoom uses "Mpoins" a new cryptocurrency. First 10.000 pre-registered users win a 10% increased revenue sharing. Hurry up and be active!
  • The first social media that drives people to actually meet
    Make real friends not just likes and follows. Meet people you have many things in common. Powerful Maps integration in final version.
  • Real Timeline. Nobody decides what is good for you
    An actual timeline. In chronological order based on your friends.
  • Customize your Timeline and Notifications
    See what you really want to see. Create your dream social media experience just by adjusting your Settings.
  • Privacy you always wanted
    Servers are located in Germany. Germany applies very strict laws protecting privacy. No NSA involved here.
  • Warp speed
    Our system's core is optimized for huge database requests. Speed is essential for a sexy and delightful user experience.
  • Free for ever
    We truly mean it! No limitations to pages and groups (called communities here). We actually pay you to use our system. In USD or EUR.