How can I get involved?

We need your help in order to keep this social network up and running. We need your help to spread the world.

You can do many things. Any kind of help will be appreciated!

Can I help you in some way?

Yes you can! We need your help.

Something as big as Mpoom! cannot be succesful without your help. We are just 2 people. One software developer and a public relations woman.

  • Just Register!
    Register yourself to Mpoom! and convince one friend to do the same. Yes something as simple as that (no real Phone number required) will increase our users base. User base is essential for us to be taken seriously. A few people believe we will succeed. Let's convince the rest of the world.
  • Keep Posting!
    Post anythink you like. Posting helps us test our system. Besides it generates traffic and makes our timeline constantly updated. We need traffic in order to find bugs, optimize and perfect user's experience. Posting is important. Quality posts are vital!
  • Tweet about Mpoom!
    Use yout twitter account and write something (anything) about Mpoom!. Use the hashtag #mpoom and don't forget to link to Mpoom!
  • We need Twitter administrators
    You can tweet from our official account as often as you like. Apply here: (
  • We need facebook page administrators
    You can have access to our account and post something to our official page! In any language. Apply here: (
  • Write a facebook post
    Write about your exprerience using Mpoom! Post screenshots, copy posts or comments. Link back to mpoom!
  • Am a social media addict
    WE NEED YOU. Spam any social network in the world with Mpoom! Make the explosion happen. Yes you can make the difference! You are the best.
  • You are an excellent writer!
    Write an article about Mpoom! What fascinated you, what are you wishing for, how would your perfect social network be. Write anything and then post it to your blog. Why not sending it to all media in your country. You know many languages. Use them if you want to help us.
  • Spread the mainstream Media
    Write Emails, Letters whatever. Arrange interviews, we will come.
  • Help us show the future of Mpoom!
    I'm seeking a room of 200-500 people in Germany in order to present 7 reasons why Mpoom! is a unique social network. I have contacted authorities in Düsseldorf and got a negative response. Contacting other cities now. Press should be present. What you are actually seeing now is just 10% from the complete social network.
  • Spread this document!
    Send just this page (link) via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Xing, Snapchat (or whatever) to a friend.
  • You are an artist!
    Create cool or funny graphics using our logos or mascot. Yes you can use them and let your creativity skyrocket. (Click on graphics for larger size). Afterwards post them to Instagram or wherever you want.
  • Bug reporting and suggestions
    You can use our email ( to report any bug you may have found. Suggestions of any kind are also welcome.
  • You can write English, German, Spanish or any other language
    Translate (or optimize) this page (or any page you like) and send it to us ( Do you think we could do better? Of course we can. Write your own documents. If your idea is good we will publish your documents in Mpoom's core.
  • You are a Youtuber or a Twitch guy
    We are youtubers too (sort of). Create a video about Mpoom! and we will give you an interview. We have the necessary equipment.
  • Become a proud Sponsor
    No adsence here. Your ad will stay on a permanent position in our layout. Advertising is cheap now. This will change very soon.
  • You can help us get better servers
    Till today hosting expences are paid by us. We do not have dedicated servers. In the future we will need better solutions. You can financially help us by donating.

Want to call us? We speak English, German and Greek: +49 (0) 211 87 557 557 (08.00-24.00 UTC+01:00)

Thank you in advance! We love you.

7 Reasons why Mpoom! is better
  • The first mass social media that actually pays you
    Splitting ad revenue with users. Mpoom uses "Mpoins" a new cryptocurrency. First 10.000 pre-registered users win a 10% increased revenue sharing. Hurry up and be active!
  • The first social media that drives people to actually meet
    Make real friends not just likes and follows. Meet people you have many things in common. Powerful Maps integration in final version.
  • Real Timeline. Nobody decides what is good for you
    An actual timeline. In chronological order based on your friends.
  • Customize your Timeline and Notifications
    See what you really want to see. Create your dream social media experience just by adjusting your Settings.
  • Privacy you always wanted
    Servers are located in Germany. Germany applies very strict laws protecting privacy. No NSA involved here.
  • Warp speed
    Our system's core is optimized for huge database requests. Speed is essential for a sexy and delightful user experience.
  • Free for ever
    We truly mean it! No limitations to pages and groups (called communities here). We actually pay you to use our system. In USD or EUR.